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Monday, December 31, 2012

Cricut Expression - A Comprehensive Guide to Creating with your Machine by Cathie Rigby

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday!

I am trying to find my creative juices today but first I need to find my scrap table. It was like an archeological dig, uncovering layer after layer of Christmas projects.

I did however find something that touched my heart today! I also believe it may have gotten some crafty mojo going.

This is where I found my wonderful surprise. I honestly had no idea of this acknowledgement and just came across it.

Under the caption of "Creative Cutting Inspiration"
is me along with some other fabulously talented people.
The hubs even pointed out that I'm above Martha Stewart in the listing! Okay, that's because she is under "Source Guide" but I don't want to burst his bubble and get all technical.

The author of this book is Cathie Rigby. She runs challenges on her blog, teaches classes, organizes retreats, plans cruises, writes Cricut how-tos and sells kits. Click on her name to pop in at her blog called Creative Cutter Room where there is plenty of info and inspiration.

I hope she comes across this post and feels like I do at this moment.

Happy New Year!

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