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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Al Capone's Tunnel Tour layout

Hello! I have a summer road trip layout for you today from the summer of 2012. I have now finished that travel album!

There are no photos of the actual tunnel tour because cameras were not allowed. :( I loved the tour and hearing how Al Capone would secretly escape to Canada.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Cricut Explore Print and Cut

Hi Everyone! I am on day 13 of owning a Cricut Explore. Yes, that means my free subscription ends tomorrow. :(

Last night, Cricut Explore had an update. They released the print and then cut feature. The first step is calibrating your machine in using this feature. Design Space explained every step along the way. This is my first printable cut ever! It's from the imagine cartridge Greeting Cards Inside Out.

So, then I tried a regular Cricut cartridge cut. This cut is from the Movie Night cartridge. The only step to remember is to hit "flatten" if you only want one layer printed and cut.

I am still very much a newbie, but so far, I am loving this machine. There are many youtube videos on explaining how to get set up to print and cut as well as the information on the Cricut.com website.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Cricut Explore

Hiddy-ho there everyone!
Summer is over around here. It was a great one but seemed too short. The kids are back to school and I am getting back to scrapping. On the first day of school, I sent my kids off and drove straight to a scrappy store and bought a Cricut Explore. I opened the box last week and have been cutting like mad. The free subscription of cartridges is for only two weeks. Ack! I want to take full advantage of this! So far, it cuts beautifully. The pressure of all these wonderful cartridges disappearing in two weeks has kicked the scrapbooking into high gear. I will post many layouts soon.
I hope everyone is well! I will be in my scrapbook room.