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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Graduation centerpieces

Well, Grade 4 graduation that is. My son starts Middle School in the fall and today was his grad lunch. I made 10 centerpieces and a banner to decorate the gym. I tried to use images that represented their schooling. These were fun to make. Another Mom even came over to help me glue them together.

The pots I bought for 50 cents each and the only other thing I bought was florist foam also from the dollar store.

My children go to French Immersion school. The pots say, "Good bye Graduate".


  1. Great job! I love all the little elements you've added - especially the soccer ball. It all looks so sharp!

  2. These are so cute!

    Hugs, Heather

  3. Wow girl, these are amazing! Feels good to make this stuff for our kids:)

  4. What a great job! They are so so cute!

  5. What a fabulous idea! Love it all, great details. Happy Thursday!

  6. These are fabulous...the perfect decorations for the celebration!!! They turned out super cute!!!
    barb :)

  7. This is a great ideaa, i like a lottttttttttttt!! Very cute!

  8. I love these ! Great idea ! May have to scrap lift :) TFS :)

  9. I love these!!!
    Thank you for Sharing:)

    Very cool.
    I wanted to invite you to come and check out my site
    we have a scrap area there and I wish it had more people to chat with:)
    And i also would love some blog followers as well..lol