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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Cross-border shopping

We are just back from a family vacation in the States. While there, I got to explore some scrapbook stores I have never been to before.

Archiver's was amazing. It is so clean and organized and pretty. I could have spent a week there (and a month's salary) I showed GREAT restraint while shopping there... The staff in Archiver's were busy stamping cards behind the counter. It was nice to see they love paper as well.

My trips to Hobby Lobby and Joann's were quick ones with the family in tow. I ran in with coupons to pick up my list of items. DS was a trooper going through the checkout lines by himself to buy my cardstock.

I'm so happy I got to stock up on paper. It is a tiny bit depressing though how much cheaper scrapbooking "toys" are in the States. I guess I will have to just plan another trip across the border.


  1. Nice haul! Love our Archiver's! Sorry you aren't always able to shop there.

  2. I am going to Erie, Pa in 2 weeks. My daughter and I will have all our coupons printed out and lists in hand.