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Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Prepping for a crop

I love getting together with my scrapbook friends for a crop. I usually go once a month to a local community club. I pack my supplies, lunch and a snack to share. I find it really helps me catch up with my scrapbooking layouts if I attend once a month. I find I am most productive when I have prepped some layout kits. I print my photos, choose my papers, cut out all my Cricut cuts (sometimes in more than one size or colour). I put all the above in a bag and then bring all the bags with me. The bags I use are the plastic bags that hold paper packs, they usually have a resealable closure and work quite well. You can also purchase extra large ziploc bags that are large enough for a 12x12 inch layout (33 x 38.1 cms) in a box of 10. You can find them at Walmart or Canadian Tire in Canada.

Dollartree also sells this more economical pack of 5 zipped bags for $1.25 in Canada. The bag dimensions are 14 3/8 x 16 inches (36.5 x 40.6 cms)

When I don’t do this, I tend to spend WAY too much time trying to match paper and organize my layouts often missing something that is at home in my craft room. Another plus to doing this is, prepping kits makes for a much smaller load of supplies needing to be transported to a crop. I no longer look like I am moving houses with all my paper supplies.
I still always bring my Explore and bring extra paper, just in case.

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