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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Using up my Halloween scraps

I confess, I love Halloween paper! I just bought a brand new stack and soooo I thought I would try and make some things with all my little bits of scraps from previous Halloween projects. Here are two of my attempts ...

This is a quick centrepiece to make. Just cut your scraps in strips, ink the edges and use a brad to attach them. I added a bit of ribbon and hand cut some stems.

This is a little thank you gift for my neighbour. Even the embossed paper was a scrap!


  1. What a GREAT way to use scraps, I have a ton from my Halloween projects and hate to throw them away. Thanks for the ideas.

    Debbie B.

  2. Both cool ideas, I may have to try those out!!!

  3. These are great!!! They look wonderful!!! Your neighbor will love the gift project!

  4. Love them all!!!!! those pumpkins are way too cute!

  5. What a way to use scraps. Great project.

  6. That is cool! What a great idea!!