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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Cards made with Plantin Schoolbook

...only Plantin Schoolbook. I wanted to try and design a class at my LSS to help those own Cricuts (and most likely the Plantin cartridge) but who are not completely comfortable using their machines. I would love it if the students rushed home to use all the cool creative features the cartridges have!

I did find it difficult to use only one cartridge. I also wanted the cards to focus on using the machines rather than other techniques.


  1. wow.... love them all. I didn't know you taught at your lss!!! I bet they all love you and will appreciate this class as well. Yes, you are right about that, many people have a ton of cartridges but have no idea all they can do with them.

  2. The cards are beautiful! I think this is great idea, I could have used this when I first got my Cricut (heck I could use it now). LOL. TFS.

  3. All of these cards are wonderful! I love them all!!! I need to look closer at a lot of carts I have too for different ideas!