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Monday, November 22, 2010

Cricut train - How it works

Our Cricut cut train works like this:

We all sent a few die cuts to the organizer Carina. We agreed to not embellish too much with heavy bling such as eyelets and brads because that could quickly bump up the postage. She assembled all the cuts into 2 envelopes. One envelope travelling west to east across Canada and one travelling east to west. We decided to keep this one in Canada to avoid all customs issues.

When you get the package you can choose as many cuts as you want but you have to replace them with something you have made. I like this idea because you get the choice based on your taste and needs.

Cons : You are at the mercy of others participation and we have already experienced one "derailment".

Pros : It's wonderful to get an envelope chock full of cuts!


  1. LOL...Derailment! I have a Blog Award for you on my Blog:o)