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Saturday, November 21, 2020

Cricut in 2020

It's been tough this year trying to be creative. Though, I have enjoyed many virtual crops, classes and challenges. Thank you to everyone who has hosted and participated in this type of event! They have been inspiring.

I would never have imagined a year ago, that I would use my Cricut to decorate for my daughter's drive thru graduation or to decorate the outside of my neighbours' windows to mark their quarantine birthdays. I'm grateful that I can easily do projects like this in 2020.

I have also spent much time this fall, using my Cricut to label all types of social distancing measures in schools. I have cut hundreds of vinyl floor arrows, hundreds of cohort identifiers, thousands of paper tangrams and thousands of vinyl chair place markers. My Cricut has been so busy that I borrowed one from a friend and had two going at once. (To do this, you need separate devices with design space running.) I guess what I may have lacked in creativity, I made up for in health and safety of students and school staff. I typically cut large quantities of diecuts on my machine but not like this fall. My Cricut Explore (first edition) owes me nothing and I will eventually upgrade to a Maker.

It has been a strange nine months.

Stay home, stay safe and craft.

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