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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Adding a QR code to your scrapbooking - Winnipeg Jets layout

I have wanted to learn how to add a QR code to a layout for awhile now. Thank you to everyone that has posted a tutorial on this. I created this page almost a year ago to remember our family's excitement to have our hockey team in the playoffs. Our entire city was cheering them on! Each day, the kids and I listened to the Jets Playoff Anthem that a local radio station wrote and produced. We loved this song and would blast it in the car to drive to school passing by Winnipeg Jet signs and flags. I still smile when I think of it. I felt that I wanted to include the YouTube video for this song as part of my scrapbook page. Yes, I pulled out a page from a year ago and added to it today. The website I used to create the code is GoQR. I copied the YouTube URL and within seconds my QR code was there. The scrapbooking possibilities are endless. I could add anything to my pages.

*Note my cute cupcake toppers and yes I do have a goal horn in my family room**

My hope is that many years from now, my family or a friend will see this layout and understand how thrilled my kids were to experience this playoff frenzy for the first time and the video link will add to the story.

*Cross your fingers the Winnipeg Jets will make the playoffs again... next year.*

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